About EnerClean:

EnerClean We have the most experience:
EnerClean started back in 1980, each office has roots that go back to the founding of the company.

EnerClean We have the best equipment:
Always keeping up to date with the industries leading edge equipment , were proud to say we no longer use the gas guzzling green killing duct trucks of yesterday , all our equipment is the most environmentally friendly , we use high powered vacuums run from electricity and the most modern agitation devices on the market. See our duct cleaning equipment here: www.hypervac.com

EnerClean Locations:

Lethbridge EnerClean
Furnace & Duct Cleaning Specialists:
Don & Lana Shearer
EnerClean Phone : 403-320-7740

Airdrie EnerClean
Furnace & air duct cleaning specialists:
Jeff or Kent Hudson
EnerClean Phone : 403-606-8320


Calgary EnerClean
Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning specialist:
Mark Christopher
EnerClean Phone : 403-686-7400

Calgary EnerClean
Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning specialist:
Chris Talbot
EnerClean Phone : 403-862-3637


Vancouver EnerClean
Contact: Robin Holmes
EnerClean Phone : 604 357-7575
EnerClean Email: enercleanbc@telus.net

EnerClean - Furnace and Air duct Cleaning

EnerClean - A true one man operation